Film Production Portfolio


Café Italove

Assistant set decorator and on-set art assistant

Italove Coffee commercial

December 2019

Short film depicting a lifelong romance in a cafe. Required building, dressing/aging, shooting on, and tearing down a small set in two days


Country Thunder

Set Dec and Props

Music video for the Washboard Union

Warner Music, October 2019

A lively and fun music video with Jim Henson style puppets



La Danza

Production Designer

Winner of the Run & Gun: Blood & Guts Best Production Design Award

October 2019

A short psychedelic horror film created for a 48-hour film competition for industry professionals



Production Designer

Vancouver Film School production, September 2019

A short experimental dance film about the fear of going insane



Production Designer and Graphic Designer

Vancouver Film School final project, June 2019

A short psychological/sci-fi thriller about a cult deprogrammer investigating a cult with twisted practices and a cosmic deity


Biannual Meeting of the Owners of the World

Graphic Designer

Vancouver Film School final project, July 2019

A satirical sci-fi drama about the imbalance and corruption of world superpowers


Blatant Rock

Production Designer and Graphic Designer

Vancouver Film School two-part webseries, April 2019

A drama/comedy about a struggling rock band


Derelict Bus Station

Set Designer

Vancouver Film School, February 2019

A 300sqft set on which 11 student film projects were shot


Recent / Ongoing Work

After That

Role: Production Designer
Status: Pre-Production

A short, independent drama film about a survivor of a sexual assault incident


Role: Set Decorator
Status: Post Production

Country music video by Dallas Smith, produced by Kafka Pictures