Anna Rea

I am a contemporary artist and new film art department professional living in Vancouver, BC. I am both an out of the-box, highly artist thinker and a dedicated, personable team member. Here you can view both my art work and my film work.


About Anna

I am a well-rounded person who is both highly creative and down-to-earth. I have many growing passions, including production design, graphic design, visual art, outdoor education and leadership, physical fitness, and biological sciences. At this stage in my life, I am building a career as a film art department professional as well as a contemporary visual artist. I am eager to engage with Vancouver's vibrant and inspiring arts community, and make a name for myself as a creative professional. 

Originally from Calgary, I attended university in Northern Ontario and Nova Scotia and acquired a bachelor of science degree in biology. I spent six summers in this time period leading wilderness trips with youth. I had acquired over 200 days of backcountry out-tripping experience by late 2017 when I decided to pursue a new path and go to film school. 

I graduated from Vancouver Film school with a diploma in film production in October of 2019. Since graduating, I have been busy and active in Vancouver's indie film community and art community, looking to collaborate with others and develop as a professional. 

You can find most of my work in both art and film on this website. To download a PDF version of my portfolio, click here


"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

Ansel Adams